Li Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Edition 5

Li Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Edition 4

Li Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Edition 2

Li Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Edition 2

Li Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Edition 3

Tính năng vợt Li-Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Editor

Màu : trắng
Độ khó : khó
Kiểu vợt : tấn công
Độ dẻo : trung bình
Công nghệ đầu vợt : Square/Isometric (3D Break-Free)
Khối lượngL  3u (85-89gm)
Công nghệ khung vợt: Wing Stabilizer, Dynamic Optimum Frame, Aerotec Beam System, Carbon Fiber, TB Nano Powertec, Bio Inner Cone, PCF Reinforcing Technology, DF Shock Absorption System
Công nghệ thân vợt:  Carbon Fiber
Độ căng khuyến cáo:22-27 (Tối đa lên tới 30lbs)

Công nghệ dùng trong Li-Ning Mentor M73 Li Yongbo Limited Editor

As a breakthrough to the traditional shaft, Li-Ning has innovatively introduced the Bio Inner Cone-shaped racquet shaft design. Moving up the bending point of the shaft, the design increases flexibility of the racquet, producing enhanced controlling feel, and enable athletes to express their intent in a clearer and perfectly controlled way.Multi-layer carbon fibers plus exquisite handcraft accomplishes a reinforced quality racquet with excellent performance. Carbon fibers are differentiated in toughness according to different angle. Because of that, the racquets are reinforced by the carbon fibers in an all-round way or even strengthened by multiple layers at specific points, which greatly improves the overall strength and durability of the racquet. Elaborately produced by handwork instead of automatic batch production, the racquet has minimal facial folds and stress concentration points at the frame bending areas.High Tec Light Shock Absorption materials filled in the racquet frame to enhance comfort and avoid injuries whilist taking nothing away from the playability of the frame.The application of nanometer technology upgrades the racquets' manufacturing process in an all-round way and thus breaks the limit in hitting intensity. A stable, fine and tenacious racquet will ensure stronger hits for its players. The original Li-Ning TB Nano material science and technology makes it possible. The enhanced NANO technology bonds the carbon fibers and resin to an unprecedented level with natural perfection. Then, an ideal racquet is made here with 20% strength increased.The cross-over application of aviation technology on Li-Ning products - Wing Stabilizer Mechanism. It will control the frame restoration precisely at the moment of deformation and to restrain the shake resulting from vibration waves. The anti-torsion performance of strokes is improved under high tension conditions and brings about a quick, exact and stable second stroke.All-round optimised design improves racquet mechanical structure for more efficient attack and defense system. Apart from further increase of sweet point based on isometric frame, the sweet point extends upward and the hitting point is moved higher. The effective defense area is enlarged for severe drop shot and a dropping strength that burst in a blink. The hitting velocity is improved considerably with widened stringing area and increased bounce strength.Li-Ning's UHB Shaft state-of-the-art technology combined with real data collected from players' practise, optimised shaft's performance through continuous improvement. Based upon bionic study results, ergonomics and trial data collected from top professional players, the racquet shaft with frontal bending point is accomplished. A great improvement in smashing performance and drop shot, all due  to the features of low wind resistance, high flexibility and strength.With support of advanced calculation system, the racquets are made with extreme low air resistance and high intensity to enable the players' performance in various ways. The racquets fit into different players are all resulted from aerodynamic design. Through unrelenting tests, and the strategies that targeted at different playing styles, the supportive data is accumulated, Li-Ning aerotec beam system is thus established.The stabilized torsion angle ensures high elasticity of the racquet. It helps to create high-quality return when the hitting point deviates from the sweet-point.



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